Great talents have many faces. We help you to find the right ones for your team.

Your company is growing faster than you can hire? You're not happy with the quality of applications you receive? It's extremely time-consuming to find really good people? You cannot handle application processes next to your daily business? You're not receiving enough applications from women even though you want to hire more women? 


Diversify is specialized in recruiting innovative and diverse teams. Two easy steps will increase your hiring success massively: 

Address the right people
The profile you are looking for, the job description and your employer branding have a massive influence on the number and quality of applications you receive. On top you get access to the Diversify talent pool - great applications from women guaranteed.
select the right people
Diversify focuses on what's important: an interactive application process that enhances your employer brand and provides you with important insights about the applicants, an unbiased selection process that allows you focus on skills instead of risking stereotyping and individual real-life assessments that test what people can do right now, right here.

Diversify takes care of writing job descriptions, managing applications, handling communications, preselecting candidates as well as designing your personal interaction with the top talents.

Our Services


For many profiles improving your recruitment process will make a huge difference and you will be able to find the right people.

For some profiles you need to actively search for suitable candidates. We help you identify the right search strategy and we open up our networks for you to tap into.
Employer Branding
People want to know who they work for. That's why we want to help you translate your product, team and culture into a people magnet.
Agile HR
At some point you will have to build your own HR function. We do not only help you hire your HR people/staff but we also support you in building an agile HR function.
Great ideas need great teams. That's what investors look at. Thanks to our extensive startup experience we can find the right co-founder(s) for you.

Diversity Management
You have realized that hiring diverse people is just the beginning. We help you make sure that you also treat all your employees equally (e.g. promotions, compensation).

What our clients say

“Diversify unterstützt uns als Sparring Partnerin bei Rekrutierungen. So konnten wir einerseits teamübergreifend einheitliche Prozesse etablieren und intern wichtiges Know How aufbauen.”

Thomas Patzko, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Impact Hub Zürich
“Wir haben noch nie eine so informierte Rekrutierungsentscheidung getroffen wie mit Diversify. Die Qualität der Bewerbungen ist deutlich gestiegen und die blinde Beurteilung der Kandidat*innen hat uns unsere impliziten Stereotype deutlich gemacht.”

Christian Burri, Co-founder Algrano
“Diversify hat das klassische Anschreiben durch einen interaktiven Fragebogen ersetzt, der die BewerberInnen persönlich anspricht und uns wertvolle Insights über die Personen liefert. Seitdem haben wir kaum negative Überraschungen in den Vorstellungsgesprächen und die BewerberInnen schätzen den Prozess sehr.”

Tillman Lang, Co-founder Yova
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