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Recruiting & Employer Branding

Great talent has many faces. Diversify specializes in recruiting entrepreneurial and diverse teams. We know how to attract people with diverse backgrounds and how to avoid unconscious bias in decision making.

Building Your People Function

Once you start scaling your organisation you need processes and policies, and these will inevitably shape your company culture. We make sure you build a well-performing and inclusive one - right from the beginning.

Inclusion & Diversity Consulting

Organisations often invest in inclusion & diversity without achieving tangible success. Together, we define measurable goals, strategies and action plans that work.

Our purpose

The well-being of every individual is our goal. A human-centred economy is the future.
We believe that everyone deserves a positive work environment. We focus on building company cultures that allow people to make a contribution to a better world, to get things done, to learn, to take responsibility, to do what they love, to feel seen and valued, and to empower one another.
We support entrepreneurs, executives, diversity teams, HR representatives and team leads with the knowledge, strategy, tactics and empathy they need to achieve their goals. We help them to set the right tone, bringing the organization along with them every step of the way.

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