Your People Function

A well-performing team is the number one success factor for any business.
Treat them as your number one priority.

  • You’re too small to hire an HR Manager but need professional people processes
  • You want to build a company culture that enables performance and inclusion and you realise that HR needs to be reinvented to achieve that goal
  • Your managers are new in their leadership roles and need guidance
  • You do not only want to hire diverse talent but also make sure they feel valued and ultimately stay with your company.
  • Building professional people processes
  • Building a company culture that enables performance and inclusion
  • Guiding your management in their new leadership roles
  • Hiring diverse teams and ensuring they feel valued, thus increasing your retention rates.

We know how to build people processes using everyday practices and guidelines that enable business growth, performance and inclusion. Step by step, so that no one is lost along the way.

build your people function
We've built companies' people functions from scratch, including all functions and services - from Recruiting, Onboarding, Offboarding, Leadership, Performance Management, People Engagement, Learning & Development, Company Culture, to Company Guidelines and more. We support  teams with everything they need to be able to focus on their business. 

feedback we received
“This is the best onboarding process I have ever experienced.”
“I feel valued and safe to express a contrary opinion.”
“I have been treated with respect and at eye-level throughout the whole recruiting process.”
“I am grateful that difficult topics such as sexism in the workplace are openly addressed.”
“People we had to let go still send WhatsApp messages with hearts and smiles.”

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